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Are you looking to import live ornamental tropical fish from the fresh water rivers and lakes of Africa?

If yes, African Tropical Fish Exporter .com is here to serve you.

We are a direct exporter of African tropical fish to the USA, Canada, and global markets. Whether you want Congo species or the Nigerian species, we can ship one or both of them together in one convenient shipment to save you time and money.

Seasonal Fresh Water African Tropical Fish Available

We are Cyndi Tropical Ltd., a highly qualified and experienced live African tropical fish exporter in Lagos, shipping to North America and the world for more than 25 years.

We have stock lists of rare seasonally available fish from both Lagos and the Congo ready for combined export.

With a fast 12-hour direct flight service available via Delta Air Lines from Lagos to Atlanta where numerous daily connection flights are available to most major US cities, and direct flight service to New York, we can assure the healthy live arrival of our fishes.

Our Fish Stocks


The Congo fish species are now being consolidated and shipped together with the Lagos Nigeria species in one convenient shipment to save money and resources.


We have already started delivery of the Lagos seasonally available smaller Elephant Nose packed 40 per bag, two bags per box along with many others. These seasonally smaller sizes help lower your landed costs. Once your order is placed, we provide a prompt booking service with shipment delivery made usually within two weeks upon receipt of your order depending upon flight availability. To prevent any delays, please let us know as soon as possible, the live fish species you wish to receive so we can plan accordingly. As these fish breed in the wild, those not in stock will need some time to be collected.
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Hear From Our Clients

Hear From Our Clients

“Thanks for shipping me one of the best live arrival shipments of wild African fish I have ever received in my 30 years of importing. Keep up the good work!”

L.G. Canada


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  • Six Banded Distichodus
    Six Banded Distichodus
  • Tetraodon MBU
    Tetraodon MBU
  • Ornate Bichir
    Ornate Bichir
  • Mormyrops Oxymormyrus Boulengeri
    Mormyrops (Oxymormyrus) Boulengeri
  • Labeo Variegatus Harlequin Shark
    Labeo Variegatus Harlequin Shark
  • Double Trunk Elephant Nose
    Double Trunk Elephant Nose
  • Distichodus Lusosso
    Distichodus Lusosso

Congo & Lagos Tropical Fishes Are Now Available For Order.

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